Join us through May 18th: You asked, we answered!

Over the years that Nefesh has been a community, we have had so many requests for a recording of our beloved Nefesh musicians’ songs. At long last, we are thrilled to announce that our spring fundraiser this year will in part be raising funds for a long-awaited NEFESH ALBUM!

Music director and associate music director Duvid Swirsky and Sally Dworsky with the incredible Ari Herstand, Leah Zeger, Dan Potruch, and Philip Krohnengold bring their beautiful souls and their incredible artistry to our community and now to this album.

You are invited to donate in the spirit of one or more of these songs. Last Spring we donated in honor of the middot that were etched on the beautiful ark handmade for our community, and this year we have the long awaited gift of a recording of the music that lifts us up and carries us on.

This is a great time to ask family and friends to donate who have attended Nefesh services and events or who have heard from you about how much you are getting from this community. It is also a meaningful way to put the stimulus check to good use!

As we continue to grow so does the needed infrastructure to support all that we do. And we are committed to our equitable Kin model and to keep that available for all we need fundraisers like SUPERBLOOM!

Ways you can support Nefesh

  • Give anything you can to our fundraiser on GoFundMe 🪕🎻🎟
    Chai Level ($18) gets you a digital download of the album once it’s complete, and it goes up from there with flexible options that include perks such as a VINYL copy of the record, Songbook with lyrics, Nefesh album t-shirt, and at the top level: a private, virtual song with Duvid and Sally
  • LIKE AND SHARE that you donated 👍🏼👍🏽
    Post that you donated (with the link to the GFM) and your Facebook friends and Twitter followers will see. If you have an Instagram, post there too and add it to your story. You can add a link to your bio: our GoFundMe page! And be sure to LIKE AND SHARE our posts and updates on this fundraiser (an Instagram post is below) (a Twitter example also follows)
  • SHARE the GoFundMe (or this page) with your communities and network 📲🗣
    One-on-one shares are best: text, write, or DM. For folks outside the Jewish or Nefesh or Los Angeles communities: they can show support with as little as $10. It’s akin to “liking” the fundraiser, and if they then also share that they donated on their social networks it helps a lot!
    Do you love the Nefesh anthem, Courage? Are you inspired by Emet, truth? Or adore Sally Dworsky‘s single, Rise? Sponsor one at the $500 or above level

Track List for the Unnamed Debut Album from Nefesh:

  1. L’eila
    To an open heart! To the BEYOND and BEYOND!
  2. Courage (Mi C’Mocha)
    To COURAGE! For ourselves, for everyone who needs it!
  3. El Na / Medley
    For healing for all
  4. Ashrei – Halleluyah
    To praise and acknowledgement! We did not get here all on our own. To SIMCHA. To Halleluyah
  5. Emet
    To truth! To many truths! To a foundation in the enduring truths.
  6. Ma Tovu

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