Tikkun Olam: Doing. Giving. Learning.

What is Tikkun?

Tikkun is Hebrew for “repair” and holds within it healing, bringing wholeness to ourselves, others, and the world.

Tikkun OlamHebrew for “world repair” – has come to connote social action and the pursuit of social justice. The phrase has origins in classical rabbinic literature and in Lurianic kabbalah, where it is the human ability to repair the shattered vessels from the Creation of the world.

The Nefesh community participates in repairing the world in a number of different ways both as a community and as individuals.

How to Engage: Organizing Partnerships

LA Voice
LA Voice is a multi-racial, multi-faith community organization that awakens people to their own power, training them to speak, act, and work together to transform our County into one that reflects the dignity of all people.  Nefesh is a member congregation in LA Voice. LA Voice  is now activating spiritual congregations to learn and take action together around housing and financial insecurity in LA County. There are more than 69,000 houseless people in LA County, and the numbers are rising. With increasing cost of living and severe lack of affordable housing, many LA families are experiencing financial and housing insecurity.  Volunteers will help conduct a housing survey of Nefesh members and work in conjunction with LA Voice teams on various housing initiatives.

Dayenu Circle
Nefesh has been involved in climate activism with Dayenu since they started in 2020 with the mission to build a multi-generational Jewish movement that confronts the climate crisis with spiritual audacity and bold political action. And we are now an official Dayenu Circle! We are looking for volunteers that are activated around fighting the climate crisis to gather our community to action on key campaigns that Dayenu is working on, from rallying Jewish support for important CA climate bills, to divestment campaigns looking at how our own investments can help end the era of fossil fuels.  Dayenu is mobilizing Jewish support for climate solutions, building our collective power with national and global movements, and raising up spiritual, religious, and moral voice.

LWOP Pen Pal Program
Nefesh community members connecting with neighbors in LA who are incarcerated and have life without parole sentences. The current cohort is full – check back in spring 2024 for information about how to join the next cohort.

Bend the Arc x Nefesh White Jewish Antiracist Dialogues
In this bi-monthly drop-in discussion space with Bend the Arc, we will practice tools and skills for white Jews overcoming racism and white supremacy, internally and externally, with the goal of disengaging the behaviors of white dominant culture.  We will build trust, interdependence, and a network of support.  Join us to connect and build a foundation for growth together as we work from within to create the world we want to live in.

Second Nurture
Second Nurture works with people who are interested in fostering to adopt in LA County or supporting others who are doing that work.  Communicate with Nefesh around the needs of people in the program that we can help with. If you are interested in fostering to adopt or helping those that are. Could be childcare, material support, and communicating with Nefesh where needs arise for families who are fostering.

Produce Distribution
Nefesh and St. Be’s partner to sort and distribute free shares of fruits and vegetables to folks in the Eagle Rock area. Everything you need will be provided when you arrive, just drop by between 8am-12pm on a Thursday morning and jump in!

Community Care

The Sisterhood of All Genders is a group of Kin who volunteer, support Kin in hard times through community care, and welcome/connect with new Kin. 

Kuuyam Nahwá’a 

Nefesh acknowledges that we are guests on Tongva land. We support the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy.

As an emerging community, we are still developing our social justice work and responding to the present moment as it unfolds. If you’re interested in connecting in these or other realms, we warmly welcome you to contact us at nefeshinfo@gmail.com.

Join the Nefesh Tikkun Collective

Click below to learn about the different ways Nefesh community members are engaging in repairing our world. Then, fill out your information and someone from Nefesh’s Tikkun Collective will reach out to you to connect. We will go over ways you can be plugged-in, taking action, and in community.