Dear Tikkun Collective,
It’s Nadine and Leila, your Nefesh Tikkun Collective co-chairs. As we enter into Hanukkah, we want to share updates and opportunities to engage:

Our next meeting will be Sunday 1/10 at 5 pm. Zoom link to follow.


Nefesh Jewish Antiracist Continuing Dialogue
Begins December 20, 2020

We invite you to join us to continue the work begun with our Nefesh Jewish Antiracist Dialogue and Training this past July. You do not have to have attended in July to join us now. This six session dialogue and training will be led by Nefesh Kin Dani, Ben, Josh, and Mel.

This series will begin December 20 from 4:30-6 PM, meeting the third Sunday of every month. Participants are strongly encouraged to commit to all six sessions. If there is a session you will not be able to attend we understand. Our hope is that you will make an effort to attend all six.

This series will focus on further developing and understanding our identities as antiracist White Jews through dialogue, exploration, learning and spiritual practice. Together we will delve into the impacts of racism and antisemitism and the cultivation of a positive antiracist White Jewish identity, using the Middot/traits as framework and guide. We will also share resources for learning and action. We look forward to creating a brave space, built on trust and support, and engaging in this work with you.

  • All times 4:30 to 6:00 pm: Dec 20, 2020, and
  • 2021: Jan 17,  Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 18, May 16
  • Facilitated by Nefesh Kin Dani, Ben, Josh & Mel

Suggested Donation – $180, $162, $144, $126, $108, $90, $72, $54, or $36, pay what you can. Nefesh Kin – no charge
Please consider becoming Kin!
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Bend the Arc Lights of Resistance: A National Hanukkah Candle Lighting
Join Bend the Arc on December 17th for a unique (and virtual) communal menorah lighting on the final night of Hanukkah to light the path forward through the night and into a new dawn of hope and possibility in the new year

  • What: A special Hanukkah Celebration with Bend the Arc and many friends
  • When: Thursday, December 17th at 8pm ET/5pm PT
  • Where: Zoom
  • Bring: A hanukkiah (optional)
  • Attire: As festive as you’d like



Here are a few Jewish sources for study and reflection. Pair up in chevruta (two study partners) to discuss them if you can!
1. Mishnah Torah, Foundations of the Torah 2:9
All beings, except the Creator, from the highest angelic form to the tiniest insect that is in the interior of the earth, exist by the power of God’s essential existence. And as God has self-knowledge, and realizes God’s own greatness, glory and truth, God knows all, and nothing is hidden from God.

2. Rashbam on Exodus 23:2 (the source text in Exodus reads: “You shall neither side with the mighty to do wrong—you shall not give perverse testimony in a dispute so as to pervert it in favor of the mighty)
If, in your opinion, the majority are about to commit an error in judgment, do not remain silent because they are the  majority, but state your view. This applies even if you know beforehand that they will not accept your viewpoint but  that of the majority.

3. Shabbat 54b-55a
Anyone who is able to protest against the transgressions of one’s household and does not, is punished for the actions  of the members of the household; anyone who is able to protest against the transgressions of one’s townspeople  and does not, is punished for the transgressions of the townspeople; anyone who is able to protest against the  transgressions of the entire world and does not is punished for the transgressions of the entire world.

4. Vayikra Rabbah 4:6
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai taught a parable: Men were on a ship. One of them took a drill and started drilling underneath him. The others said to him: What are you sitting and doing?! He replied: What do you care? Is this not  underneath my area that I am drilling?! They said to him: But the water will rise and flood us all on this ship!


Sending you love and light as we begin celebrating Hanukkah tonight. Hope to see you at tonight’s game night:

In solidarity,

Nadine and Leila

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