Simchah — שִׂמְחָה‎

Re-entry! Integration! Transition! SO much Joy—Simchah—as we approach the re-opening of society and in-person gathering.

Nefesh has a new home

We are excited to share that we will have a new home for our services! St Paul’s Commons in Echo Park (where we were last Rosh Hashanah) directly across from Echo Park Lake. The space has both indoor and outdoor seating which is ideal as we move ahead in these times and they have been incredibly kind and welcoming to us. This is where we will have our re-opening Shabbat on June 18 and where we will be for Shabbat going forward.

Registration information for the June 18 Shabbat

Join us in-person Friday, June 18, 2021 at St Paul’s Commons in Echo Park, 7pm Pacific. Seating is limited and not full capacity, so you must RSVP below. Many more details there, including mask and vaccine policy.

All services will continue on Zoom; register for June 18 Zoom here.

RSVP for June 18 In-Person Shabbat
St Paul’s Commons, Echo Park, Los Angeles

We’ll see you in Echo Park, and this Saturday 6/12 for Shabbat morning service on Zoom.

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