New Book from Nefesh Kin, Rebecca Sacks

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Nefesh Kin, Rebecca Sacks, has a debut book coming out.

From Can an American Jew capture life in the West Bank? Debut novelist Rebecca Sacks is still figuring it out, The Forward, February 2, 2021:

Clashing feelings of absorption and alienation lie at the heart of Sacks’s debut novel, “City of a Thousand Gates.” That mystical title doesn’t quite do justice to the book, a chronicle of life in Jerusalem and the West Bank that shines a harsh light on the corrosive nature of the occupation. Detailing the power disparity between the Israeli state and the Palestinian territories it controls are 28 different narrators, among them Hamid, a Palestinian college student who sneaks into Jerusalem to do construction work; Meir, a professional soccer player from the settlement Gush Etzion; Shibi, his teammate, a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem; and Samar, an academic whose career is circumscribed by Israeli bureaucracy.