By Esther D. Kustanowitz September 30, 2020

Nefesh and our Tikkun Collective in the Jewish Journal:

Rabbi Susan Goldberg

“We watched what happened to George Floyd and felt the injustice, despair and sorrow, Nefesh Rabbi Susan Goldberg told the Journal. “It cracked our hearts open. Something shifted because of tremendous grief. It opened our hearts to finding information and history that was already there — terms, language, books, films.”

The six-hour training included information sharing, learning and dialogue in small groups. About 160-170 people attended all three sessions, which Goldberg called “one of the first deep engagements for white Jews to look at racism and anti-Semitism and how they connect and relate.”

In a recording of the first session that Goldberg shared with the Journal, she introduced the Exodus from Egypt to liberation as “our central story” and a core motivation for Jewish action, that “our liberation is tied up with the liberation of everyone.”

Full story:

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