I never thought I’d feel comfortable in synagogue again, but then I found one aligned with my values as a Jewish woman of color.

By Luna Garcia, October 16, 2020, Hey Alma: Luna writes about her experience with Jewish inclusion, finding her community in Nefesh, and creating a better world as an integral part of Jewish identity

It was here that my mom and I found what we had been looking for all these years: a Jewish space diverse not only in race, but ideology. I felt unconditionally welcomed.

Embracing differences in experiences can teach kin how faith, to a certain extent, transcends identity. It recognizes that Jews have, and continue to, endure as a people. It also recognizes how we can be grateful for the privileges that we are honored with today. Most importantly, it teaches us that we must love the world that we are trying to save, the people that we devote our lives to, and the faith that has guided us through devastating hardships. Otherwise, spirituality is limited to self-service.

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