Shabbat Shalom! Thank you so much for generously giving to SUPERBLOOM, our GoFundMe fundraiser, if you have already.

If you haven’t yet, please do so here at any amount you are able. Every donation helps.

We are so excited that we are just shy of $12,500, HALF of our goal of $25,000! And don’t forget the generous Nefesh Board is matching every dollar donated up to 25k.

You can help us reach our target by May 18 by SHARING WIDELY. Share that you gave with a personal reflection or short note about Nefesh and our community. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are wonderful places to post, and also share that post link or a separate note by email, text, and private message, and remember, 1-on-1 messages are better than group messages.

Link to share (and donate)!

Thank you again so much, and Shabbat Shalom!

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