Shabbat Shalom! Nefesh in the news: the Jewish Journal reports on unique High Holy Day programming* this year.

Rabbi Susan Goldberg of Nefesh never imagined celebrating a full year of her community’s existence during a pandemic. Noting she has experienced “waves of” creativity and “deep sorrow” during High Holy Days preparations, Goldberg told the Journal, “Our people [in the past] have had to bring in these Holy Days in all kinds of situations, so it’s not like we are the first who have to figure out how to do it in a plague. We can do this.” She added that this moment provides the opportunity for out-of-the-box programming. 

The Silver Lake-based congregation, like many other congregations, will offer virtual condensed services, but celebrate them from a remote production space, which will allow clergy to simultaneously socially distance, perform and live-stream.

*article says “condensed” services; they will be our typical offering. High Holy Day tickets available now!

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