Optional reading for our first training (and for you):

  • Steven Jones’ article: “The Right Hand of Privilege” (PDF)
  • We also want to make sure you can continue to dig into the concepts we laid out. We started by talking briefly about why we wanted to engage this topic as White Jews. You can learn a bit more about the rationale and role of affinity groups in racial justice alliance building by reading: Why a White Space.
  • You also heard us reference BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), that may be new terminology and you can learn more by reading What is BIPOC?

Our journey through the historical construction of whiteness touched on numerous points in history, and could only do so briefly. We encourage you to dig deeper, and you can do so with some of the following resources:

We also framed our exploration of the intersection of antisemitism and white supremacy using some key resources which you may be interested in studying more closely: 

For more Anti-Racism resources from Nefesh, visit:
Tikkun Olam—Black Lives Matter

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