Toledot Ahavah: Being Seen and Known — Nefesh Shabbat Sermon Nov 20, 2020 with Rabbi Susan Goldberg

Teaching: Toledot Ahavah: Being Seen and Known
Song: I’ll Be Your Mirror
Music: Sally Dworsky and Duvid Swirsky

Nefesh is a Los Angeles open-hearted spiritual community welcoming all of the identities that make up who we are and who we love. Born in the multicultural beauty of LA’s east side neighborhoods, Nefesh cultivates empathy, love, and justice. Nefesh is a doorway to the wisdom, ritual, and melodies of the Jewish tradition.

From Rabbi Susan, Friday afternoon poem:

“Today my heart wears you like curtains”

Next Shabbat: Friday, December 4, 7pm
Next Shabbat: Friday, December 4, 7pm

Between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, Today
I read a Korean poem
with the line “Today you are the youngest
you will ever be.” Today I am the oldest
I have been. Today we drink
buckwheat tea. Today I have heat
in my apartment. Today I think
about the word chada in Korean.
It means cold. It means to be filled with.
It means to kick. To wear. Today we’re worn.
Today you wear the cold. Your chilled skin.
My heart kicks on my skin. Someone said
winter has broken his windows. The heat inside
and the cold outside sent lightning across glass.
Today my heart wears you like curtains. Today
it fills with you. The window in my room
is full of leaves ready to fall. Chada, you say. It’s tea.
We drink. It is cold outside.