Tikkun Olam: Black Lives

Dear community,

These days are a time of prayer and action. Prayer, tending to our own and the collective profound spiritual need. Action, moving, building, a transformed world. Prayer and action. Action and prayer. Both and at once.

We are hearing from you that you want to know more about how to be involved and engaged in these times and we are receiving from you ways to be engaged and involved. These resources and opportunities for learning, doing, and giving have been shared by sister organizations and by Nefesh kin and will be updated.

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Contents: Back to top  |  Doing  |  Giving  |  Learning

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typo: *Protect Journalists edit: Reclaim The Block is no longer accepting donations ✨here’s the new list! it’s twice as long as the last two, but by no means does it cover every organization out there. as far as the categories go, I only move places from ‘accepting’ to ‘supported’ if they explicitly state this on their IG or official website (even if they’re clearly a bigger organization and likely don’t need as much support). if you aren’t sure about places I’ve listed, do more research. there’s nothing wrong with double checking. I’ve really been trying to answer every comment and DM, but at this point it’s become nearly impossible to do so with the level of attentiveness as I’d like, so thank you to everyone who has been taking the time to have productive discussions and answer questions in the comments. it’s a natural instinct to dig your heels in when challenged (esp in a public arena like IG), but we must normalize changing opinions when provided with new information. I see a lot of white ppl speculating “solutions” that black activists have already thought of and tried again and again. you may be new to activism, but black people are not. you cannot come up with a solution to something without knowing its history. if you are white and truly want radical change, plz set aside your pride + your ego. the warnings are simply that. I only list them because I want people to be more informed on the conversations happening around them that they might have missed. this post is meant to be objective + serve as a suggested guide during a time in which we are all navigating through information overload. as always, I give everyone permission to share these graphics but I ask that my original post is included so people can see any updates/edits! in addition to this list, please consider donating directly to the families of those killed by police brutality. also check out my previous post on how creatives use their skills + resources to help BLM, as I’d love to have examples sent my way so I can promote their work ✨ my band @sisterthieves is donating 100% of our bandcamp profits to @blacktranstravelfund (and Bandcamp is donating 100% to NAACP on Juneteenth)

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Learn & Unlearn


June 19: Books

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