Nefesh Sunday Boost

What is Nefesh Sunday Boost?

Torah. Middah. Music. Connection and community.

Join Rabbi Susan as she opens wide the stories of our ancestors in the Torah bringing an intimacy and shared imagination.

“As Rabbi Susan often says, Nefesh is a Middot based community. This means that we study, contemplate and manifest our spiritual values inside ourselves, in our relationships and in the world. I have found myself attending Nefesh Boost’s monthly Middot study & practice group pretty much without fail. During the High Holy Days, I spend some time reflecting on all the Middot and then I choose the one which I think will best anchor my practice in the coming year. I attend the monthly Middot Boost group in order to hear Rabbi Susan’s teachings on the Middot, which resonate for me, and to be accountable in my community for developing a practice that will keep me on a growth path (and in a growth mindset) and help me take concrete actions that are expressions of my most deeply held spiritual values. It’s hard to write about something so personal, but that is why I do it. “

Why I attend the monthly Middot group, Melanie Weiner

Sunday Boost 5781

This class we will focus on the stories of our beautiful and flawed matriarchs and patriarchs that hold such possibility for exploration in our lives. Enter into the narratives and poetics that have shaped our people over the centuries and continue to everyday. And what about what is not in the text? Who are those that are in Torah but with little voice? What are the stories calling out to be heard? Rabbi Susan will share story, text, song, poetry to deepen and widen an endless path of Torah.

What are the details?

Can I join at any time?

You are encouraged to attend the whole series but welcome to attend the ones you are able. Each session will center in a different story and all levels of Torah learning experience are welcome from first timers to regulars.