High Holy Days | ימים נוראים

Join the Nefesh Spiritual Community for An Ancient New Direction

Nefesh is known for our unique and warm community, music, and accessibility in our holy days and Shabbat services.

5782 Begins Soon: September 6, 2021

Mon Sept 6Erev Rosh Hashanah (note this is Labor Day)
Tue Sept 7Rosh Hashanah Day Service
Wed Sept 15Erev Yom Kippur
Thu Sept 16Yom Kippur Day

On Zoom and in Person

Holy Days are in person in Northeast LA and streamed online.

Online services will continue to be offered; you can join us from anywhere via Zoom, which we interact with while we host our in-person service.



Services three
times per month

ימים טובים


Pesach, Shavuot,
Sukkot, and more



Mourners’ group every
other Wednesday