Nefesh Programming

Nefesh is an open-hearted spiritual community welcoming all of the identities that make up who we are and who we love. Born in the multicultural beauty of LA’s east side neighborhoods, Nefesh cultivates empathy, love, and justice. Nefesh is a doorway to the wisdom, ritual, and melodies of the Jewish tradition. Nefesh has an intentional approach to community: we place the margin at the center. By this we mean that we elevate those communities who have struggled to find Jewish community and their authentic, valued place within it. This includes women, multicultural Jews, Jews of Color, spiritual seekers, queer and trans people, Deaf Jews, young adults, interfaith families, and people who have felt excluded from or devalued within Jewish spaces.

Shabbat Services

Musical. Soulful. Different.

Sunday Boost

Torah and Mussar, the study of the Jewish core values: The Middot. Expansive. Connecting. Look to the future through our stories from the past

Tikkun Collective

Justice in the Jail System. Foster Care & Adoption. Anti-racist training.

B’Nai Mitzvah Preparation

Prepare for your or your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah