Nefesh Pesach Guide 5781: All your Passover 2021 needs and noshing, here

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We’ve put together this guide of resources to support your Passover 2021/5781. We hope that these suggestions help you to have a liberating and creative Passover. Chag Sameach! We hope to see you on Friday night April 2nd for our Shabbat of Passover service.

The Nefesh Team

Last updated: March 26, 2021. Check back regularly! Contents:

Illustration: Seder plate with mask on an egg, matzah with soap, and laptop with cup of wine. Hey Alma

Seder & Guides

Hosting and making the most of another year in quarantine times

Passover Unbound


Illustration: Women on pink background with matzah, wine, and maror, Hey Alma

New PlastOver

Plastover: An Exodus from Plastic Waste: Rabbi Susan Goldberg worked with Reboot on this drive to go without plastic for Pesach this year.

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You can make your own haggadah or find many on Here are some others you may like.

“I am not free so long as any woman is unfree” – Audre Lorde. Find women’s and social justice haggadot

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Passover Supplies in LA

Kosher for Passover food/items for seder plate (matzah, bitter herbs, etc), Kosher wine, etc.

  • Gelson’s: multiple locations
    Decent selection of Kosher for Passover products and Kosher wine
  • Haggadahs, seder plates, matzah covers, etc:
    House of David Judaica
    12511 Burbank Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607
    818/763-2070 Contact: Odelia Gabay
  • Nuroots Collective Escape: Order your Seder kit with delivery in the LA area New
  • Modern Tribe has a selection of fun plates, accessories, and gifts
  • Trader Joe’s has matzah if you get it before it runs out!

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Children & Families

A Rugrats Passover

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Journeys & Jams

Last year we could not imagine next year would not be in person. You are not alone in this struggle! Here are some personal stories, music from Nefesh and other organizations, and activities.

Nefesh Passover playlists

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Art & Installations

New Outdoor and virtual art for Passover

Dwelling in a Time of Plagues art installations across North America
  • New Desert X isn’t specifically Jewish, but it’s an escape to the desert and features social commentary on the First Nations / Native lands and their theft. One of their guiding principles: Promoting cultural exchange and education programs that foster dialogue and understanding among cultures and communities about shared artistic, historical, and societal issues
Desert X 2021

Chag Sameach!

May your Passover 2021 be the best you can make it during these difficult times.

Join Nefesh for the Shabbat of Passover
Friday April 2nd, 7pm PT Nefesh Community