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Nefesh Tikkun Collective Meeting

October 18, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Dear Tikkun Collective members,

It’s Leila and Nadine, your friendly neighborhood co-chairs, coming to you with the latest installment of Tikkun Weekly. Long email, but stay with us!


First, a bit of inspiration from our Jewish tradition: This weekend the holiday of Sukkot begins. The word Sukkot is first mentioned in the Torah as the name of the place the Israelites traveled to as they left Egypt. As an exercise, I looked to what is on either side of the verse with the mention of Sukkot and found the following:

The preceding verses describe the Israelites asking the Egyptians for jewels and garments on their way out. “God gave the people favour in the sight of Mizrayim, so that they gave them such things as they required.” So the Egyptians readily (although perhaps with a nudge from God) gave up their valuables to the Israelites who headed to Sukkot having amassed wealth.

Then, in the verse immediately following the mention of Sukkot, the Torah describes the people traveling with “flocks, and herds, very much cattle.” Not simply flocks and herds but very much cattle.

This is a people coming out of slavery who appear to have enriched themselves on their way out! There is much to say about the Torah case for reparations, and I’m by no means an expert, but it seems that as we head toward Sukkot and do this work as a community, we can look to the Torah for an incredible model for justice. The Israelites demand what is owed, their enslavers hand it over, and the Israelites leave the conditions of enslavement with the material things – not only spiritual – that will help them truly journey from slavery to liberation.

We won’t gather as a community in a sukkah this weekend – but what small steps can we take in our own lives in the coming week to celebrate with this in mind? To correct an imbalance? To ensure people around us have what is truly necessary to journey to a place of freedom?


Yes on Prop. 15

Prop. 15, a ballot measure known as “Schools and Communities First” (SCF), will reform property taxes on commercial real estate, which was frozen by Prop. 13 in the 1970s. This will raise approximately $12 billion annually, 40% of which will be allocated to public K-12 schools, with the remaining 60% distributed to California’s communities. Chronically underfunded public services, such as parks, libraries, first responders, mental health services, health care and road maintenance, would gain needed resources from Prop. 15, all benefiting marginalized communities the most.

Get Involved

  • Sign up for phone banking: www.evolve-ca.org/phonebanking
  • Jews for Prop 15 is hosting a voter engagement event Sunday 10/11 from 7-8 pm. If this time works for you, we’d like to join as Tikkun Collective to work together at that time doing voter outreach. Please let us know if you want to join and we will send details.
  • Commit to talking to five people you know personally about this ballot measure each week!

Yes on Measure J

Measure J will address the root causes of homelessness by prioritizing health, housing, and jobs in L.A. County. Measure J will amend L.A. County’s charter to permanently allocate at least 10% of existing locally-controlled revenues – growing close to $1B once fully phased in – to be directed to community investment and alternatives to incarceration.

Get Involved

No on Prop. 25

Proposition 25 is a ballot measure that would make SB10 the law. SB10 was a backroom deal between judges, politicians, and probation department unions to remake the pretrial system in California courts. It ended money bail as a way for people accused of crimes to get out of jail and gave judges unprecedented power to incarcerate them with little due process of law. It requires courts to use racially biased algorithms to help decide who is jailed and who goes free. It gives probation departments power to monitor and supervise innocent people who have only been accused of crimes.

Get Involved

  • Sign up for phone banking via JusticeLA
  • Commit to talking to five people you know personally about this ballot measure each week!


  1. Rabbi Susan spoke at the memorial for Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Nefesh signed on as a co-sponsor
  2. Thanks to Jonathan for the info on this Bend the Arc learning series – Monday October 5 – Thursday October 8

Please save the date for our next Tikkun Collective meeting on Sunday, October 18 at 5pm.

Chag sameach and in solidarity,
Leila and Nadine