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Nefesh Sunday Boost: Liberating Mussar

May 1, 2022 @ 10:00 am 11:15 am PDT

Mussar is spiritual wisdom and a discipline of transformative practices. It is a Jewish spiritual practice engaged in developing an internal and external mindful moral compass and ethical life. We center the deepest values of the Jewish tradition, the middot, as the grounding framework for our spiritual practice and growth individually, interpersonally and with our world. Rabbi Susan’s Mussar is emergent, feminist, queer, and embodied.

Each time we meet, we will focus on one middah (yirah, chesed, rachamim, seder, zerizut etc). We will explore wisdom texts on each middah, our own awareness and experiences and engage in practices to cultivate the middah in our lives. It is both learning and doing, doing and learning. We look forward to learning and practicing with you.