Ian Schiffer

Nefesh Community Weaver

Ian Schiffer

Ian was born and raised in Tovaanger/Los Angeles and is committed to communal care, expanding solidarity, and radical genealogy. He found Nefesh via Jason and Rachel and feels spiritually home as kin in this middot-driven, accessible, fortifying justice-driven Jewish community. Ian is a lifelong Dalai Lama Fellow, former Jeremiah Fellow, and co-created a Jewish men’s group called Mensch Work. He’s energized to be bridge-building, supporting with mutual aid, and inner-outer Tikkun through his role as Community Weaver.

“I feel so grateful to be both kin and our new Community Weaver. Nefesh has been such a meaningful spiritual home that has opened up new possibilities of what it means for me to love to be Jewish in my hometown. I hope to continue to experience and be part of building a Nefesh that is accessible, middot driven, and is a home for people organizing for collective liberation to be filled with spiritual fortitude. Through my role, I am dreaming of supporting with affinity groups, the Tikkun Collective, anti-racist work, mutual aid, communal care, connections, and personal transformation work, together. The Nefesh community Erev Shabbat services and my middot practice have been a grounding guide for me through the pandemics and I look forward to deepening into this loving community in 5781/2021.”

Reach out to Ian at ischiffer@nefeshla.org if you’d like to learn more about how we’re weaving Rachamim/Compassion and justice into our community.

Ian Sam Schiffer
Nefesh Community Weaver
Affirming Gender Pronouns: he/him/his

All land claimed by the ‘united states’ is Indigenous land. I’m a guest on traditional, unceded Tongva/Kizh land. You can learn whose land you are on here: https://native-land.ca/

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